Another one of those 2013 reflection posts


is coming!

WARNING: This is a pretty boring “me” post. There probably won’t be anything useful about books or publishing or writing. Thou art forewarned.

New Years Eve is cool because it’s an opportunity to reflect on your year and figure out how to improve and whatnot. It can also be uncool because it’s an opportunity for your brain to go “wait the year is over BUT I STILL HAVEN’T SEWN UP THOSE PANTS or caught all the Pokemon in X or become perfect yet”

But this time, I feel hella satisfied with 2013 and here are the reasons why:

1. Signed with an agent (hi, Sarah!)

2. Sold my first two books to HarperCollins

3. Went to China

4. Graduated college (well technically I still have two more classes to take but I’m doing those on my own)

5. Moved out of my parents’ house permanently. Like I was already kind of moved out but I could still go there for Christmas break etc. Now my room has officially been devoted to other purposes.

6. Wrote several big chunks of several other books

And tonight I’m setting off some fireworks with old friends and things are aiight.

I am very lucky to feel good about where I am in life.

Anyway. Here are the best books I read in 2013, because I gotta do this list every year:

1. The Lumatere Chronicles by Melina Marchetta

2. Wonder by R.J Palacio

3. Fall for Anything by Courtney Summers

4. Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell

5. Eleanor and Park by Rainbow Rowell

6. Lovely Vicious by Sara Wolf (which I will be reviewing soon because damn, this is one self-pubbed book you gotta read if you like YA and you like humor)

Aaaand the fact that there are only six books on this list leads me to my very first 2014 resolution:

1. Read a book a week. I mean it. I WILL DO THIS. For real I will do this.

2. I love the YA community and I want to become a better member of it. Meaning I will hopefully be improving this blog in 2014. I have some neat things planned for it!

3. Stay in better contact with my friends. I need to destroy my lack of object permanence when it comes to people.

4. Write at least three more books. I write fast so there’s no excuse.

5. Take advantage of every opportunity to travel! You gotta do these things when you’re young if you can! Hashtag yolololo!

6. Floss. EVERY DAY. This was my resolution last year and it fell through, but I have high hopes this time.

Gorgeous people, good luck with your 2014s and have fun tonight and I promise my next post will be more interesting.

(But let’s be honest, we already know about the best thing that’s going to happen in 2014 – SHERLOCK SEASON 3.)

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