What’s Up Wednesday #1: Quintana of Charyn, Eleanor & Park, Breaking Bad, and NaNoWarmUp

I’ve never done What’s Up Wednesday before, but it seems like the perfect opportunity to freak out about things I like. Which I do anyway, but a blog post makes it official.

What I’m reading:

I actually read Finnikin of the Rock a while ago, but I just got to Froi of the Exiles and Quintana of Charyn, and I’m still in a complete state of HELPTHESEBOOKSARETOOGOODI’LLNEVERBETHATGOODHELP. I can’t even explain to you how good these books are, so I’ll just show you what happened to my Twitter while I was reading Quintana of Charyn:

So yeah. I liked it. So would you, probably. You should go read it probably.
I also read (like everyone else in the universe) ELEANOR & PARK! And of course I loved it. It was funny, sweet, touching, and also had one of those characters that I daydreamed about stabbing in his sleep (hi richie hi.) The ending disappointed me a bit (it had to do with minor characters and not the romance) but that’s okay! It was still really good!
Next on my list is FANGIRL. Still not sure if it’s actually my autobiography or not.
What I’m watching:

It took me a while to get into Breaking Bad. The Skyler hate pissed me off and I generally try not to get sucked into TV shows that are still airing because I can’t handle suspense, and that means that if I get into a show, I end up spending a whole day in bed with Netflix. But Breaking Bad sort of happened to me. Not literally.

AND IT JUST ENDED WHAT. I watched the finale in a common room at my school with thirty other students. (One dude fell asleep/started snoring and he got kicked immediately by like, five people.)

What I’m writing:

I’m working on a virtual reality scifi type deal – mostly just for fun. Also brainstorming for a new contemp idea!

Wow, this post is already getting boring. But it’s my blog hey I’ll do what I want. *hipthrust*

What I’m doing:
NaNoWarmUp, babyyyyy.

It’s the brainchild of geniuses Kat Zhang and Savannah Foley, and it’s exactly what it sounds like. (Basically you write 25k during the month of October)

I’m already behind but life goes on.

What I’m excited for:
leave me alone I’m an adult
What’s next on the blog:
Tomorrow: An interview with Jennifer Walkup, YA author of SECOND VERSE.
Also, I got to go to the Baltimore Book Fest this past weekend, and it was incredibly wonderful and inspiring. I’ll be posting about it (and the benefits of attending events like it) pretty soon!
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